LIVE chat feature

We have added a CHAT feature to the website so that you can interact with EVERYONE who is a part of Overflow conference, whether you are at one of our host locations, or watching online.

When you go to you will see a widget on the bottom left, that allows you too see, very much in real time, how many people are viewing the same page/site AND You can do a group chat with them.

Users are only counted when they are actually viewing the page, with that browser tab visible in the foreground.  If someone switches to a different browser tab or closes the page, the counter is immediately decreased.  

If anybody is chatting, you will see how many new messages have been posted through an animated circle moving around the bubble.

New chat messages will also briefly pop up on the screen without opening the widget


To post to the CHAT feature on the Overflow Conference website, you will need to sign in via social login (supported platforms are Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn)

Click or tap the widget to open the chat pane. Here, you can chat with other people who are on the same page you are viewing. This group chat is called a pagechat. Basically, it is a chat room dedicated to that web page.
A website may be configured to have a single pagechat shared among all its pages. In this case, a message you post on a page can be seen on any other pages. To know if there is this configuration in place, just look at the counters to the bottom of the chat pane. If you only see the number of people on the site and don’t see the number of people on the current page, then the pagechat is global and shared among all the pages.
The chat is public - anybody can see what is written. When chatting, please be respectful to others and use appropriate language.  The chat is moderated - any inappropriate content or language will be removed and the user will be banned.

After you post a message, you will need to wait a couple of seconds before being able to send a new one (a spinner to the right will let you know when you can send it). This is to prevent flooding the chat without impacting normal conversations.


Go the MAP pane to know where people on that page and on that site are from in the real world.

You can see a world map, where the countries are colored from dark blue to light blue based on how many people from that country are present in that moment.

If you click on the PAGE tab (at the bottom), you see the countries of the people who are viewing your same page. If you click on the SITE tab, you see the countries of all the people on this site.

Again, this data is updated in very real time. As soon as somebody goes to a different page or site, or focuses on a different browser tab, the color map changes accordingly.

To minimize the widget and go back to the bubble, just tap or click the small arrow in the top-right corner.

Tap or click the three dots to open a menu that allows you to sign out from Now4real if you previously signed in via a social login platform.

From the same menu, you can report any issue with Now4real to us, as well as check out their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy documents.


If the CHAT icon is not present on your screen, TRY

  • Refreshing your browser page
  • Using a browser that is NOT in incognito mode 
  • Using a browser different browser than Duck-Duck-Go