Replay Sessions 

We believe that Overflow doesn't end... keep Overflowing!

Pastor Shannon Carroll explains the benefits of life with the Holy Spirit - why Jesus said "don't leave without Him" 
Greg Mohr helps de-ingorant-ize us concerning the spiritual gifts that God wants to operate through us in this world. 
 Seth Dunn leads us all through some great heart questions to locate our beliefs and desires for MORE
Dr Jim Richards and Shannon Carroll share a conversation about our authority and how vital and yet practical being lead by God is for us 
Clint Byars unpacks how it was compassion that moved Jesus towards people and how we can be moved too, when we see people as God does 
 Dr Jim Richards and Shannon Carroll continue their conversation about learning to be comfortable with being wrong so that we can learn and grow
 Haans Erlandson teaches us some practical steps to hearing God more clearly, knowing His voice so we can follow His leading.
Dr Jim Richards and Shannon conclude their conversation around aligning our hearts with God and truly operating in harmony with Him
Nate Tanner, our evangelist friend, wraps up the Overflow Conference with 3 critical factors for our faith and source of the overflow 

"Wow…what a blessing! This was so God tonight! Looking forward to the next session! "

- Donna Sinclair

"Walking in the Spirit is like having a superpower - and God designed it that way!"

- Karin Carroll

"There isn't another conference out there like this!"

- LaMont Rich